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May 27, 2020

What is hormonal acne?

What is hormonal acne?

Acne can be quite confusing, whether you are experiencing it as an adolescent or adult. Although it’s more common in teenagers, it can happen to anyone at any age. Many things can contribute to acne, diet, heredity factors, o...

May 18, 2020

When people ask me how to care for their hands the first thing I says is “NEVER put your hands anywhere where you wouldn’t put your face”. Our hands are such a vital part of our life and are often very neglected. Especially now as we are all washing our hands more freq...

May 15, 2020

I am going to inform you of the five best tips to help your skin as it ages.

Tip 1 Dehydrated or Lipid Dry

What is the difference between skin that is Dehydrated or Lipid Dry?

Dehydration is where the skin is lacking moisture through water as you should be drinking 2-3 li...

May 15, 2020

Step 1 What are the signs that your skin needs detoxing?

If you have any of the following it is most likely you have toxic skin.

Oily skin, hormonal imbalance, using alcohol or peroxide on your skin, medication, PCOS, illness, dieting, no skin routine, using toxic ingred...

June 1, 2019

The Sacral Chakra - Sexuality, creation, pleasure awakening your sensuality

Sacral Chakra Essential Oil – Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Mandarin, Blood Orange, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Cardamom

Body System - Reproductive system, bowels, kidney, immune system

Emotion - S...