Juniper Essential Oil
  • Juniper Essential Oil

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    The branches and berries of the Juniper, a coniferous tree, have been used for medicinal and spiritual purposes since ancient times.

    Juniper berries are a natural antiseptic, as is the essential oil. It may help combat acne when used at low dilutions in skin care applications. A room mist/air freshener made with Juniper Berry Essential Oil may help to kill airborne germs.

    Emotionally, Juniper Berry Essential Oil is calming and helps to ease stress without imparting the sedative effects that clary sage and the chamomiles are known for.


    Botanical Name

    Juniperus communis

    Common Method of Extraction

    Steam Distilled

    Plant Part Typically Used






    Perfumery Note


    Strength of Initial Aroma

    Mild - Medium

    Aromatic Description

    Crisp, woody, sweet, earthy, with almost a hidden fruity note.

    Juniper Oil Uses

    Colds, flu, acne, cellulitis, gout, hemorrhoids, obesity, rheumatism, toxin build-up.


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