Harmonising Your Essential Oil Blend

Harmonising Your Essential Oil Blend

Aromatherapy blending is an ancient practice that has been utilised for thousands of years. Imagine our world without the beautiful flowers and plants that surround us each day. These plants also share their nectar with the bees but also share their essence for us to use everyday and long after their season has passed. Its this essence that we distil when we create pure essential oils.

Every smell has an emotional connection attached to it. How do you feel when you smell spring jasmine, fresh cut grass and the smell of a winter fire. Creating your own unique blend of essential oils can be very fulfilling as well as offering you a beautiful fragrance as well as the restorative benefits on you body and mind.

There are a few perfumery elements that once applied will give you a beautifully balanced fragrance. Have you ever noticed that a fragrance smells differently after several hours than when you first apply it? Some essential oils evaporate more quickly than others. As the oils in a blend evaporate, the aroma will change to reflect the aroma of the remaining oils.

Using the analogy of a musical scale, oils that evaporate the quickest, usually within 1-2 hours, are called “top notes.” Oils that evaporate with 2-4 hours are considered “middle notes.” Oils that take the longest time to evaporate are referred to as “base notes.” Some base notes can take several days to evaporate! If you incorporate one of each of these "notes" you will be blending like a professional. The best basic rule is for 10 drops use 6 drops of top note, 3 of mid note and 1 on base note. Enjoy blending.

Chart of Commonly Available Essential Oils Based Upon Their

Note Classification:

Top Notes

Anise Basil Bay Bergamot Citronella

Eucalyptus Galbanum Grapefruit Lavender Lemon Lemongrass Lime Mandarin Orange Peppermint Petitgrain Spearmint Tagetes Tangerine

Middle Notes

Bay Cajeput Carrot Seed Chamomile, German Chamomile, Roman Cinnamon Clary Sage Clove Bud Cypress Dill Elemi Fennel Fir Needle Geranium Hyssop Jasmine Juniper Linden Blossom Marjoram Neroli Nutmeg Palmarosa Parsley Pepper, Black Pine, Scotch Rose Rose Geranium Rosemary Rosewood Spruce Tea Tree Thyme Yarrow Ylang Ylang

Base Notes

Angelica Root Balsam, Peru Beeswax Benzoin Cedarwood, Atlas

Frankincense Ginger Helichrysum Myrrh Oakmoss

Patchouli Sandalwood Vanilla Vetiver

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