The Benefits of Calendula Oil

Calendula oil is made by infusing marigold flowers in a carrier oil. This oil can be used on its own or to make ointments, creams, or salves. Calendula can also be processed into a tincture, tea, and capsules.

Calendula oil benefits for skin Calendula oil may be an alternative remedy to treat various skin conditions as well as improve the quality and appearance of the skin. Here are six ways calendula oil may be used for the skin.

Calendula oil for wounds Calendula oil might accelerate wound healing. As calendula oils is a healer and sealer it stimulates the healing response of the skin tissue and thus repairs wound more quickly and with less rick of infection.

In a recent study, a women who used either aloe vera or calendula ointment every eight hours for five days showed improvement in symptoms such as redness, swelling, and bruising. Adding aloe or calendula ointment to standard care was found to be more effective than using standard care alone.

Calendula oil for acne Some people use calendula oil to treat acne with great success. One laboratory study found that calendula extract may be useful in treating and preventing acne vulgaris, with an increase in healing and a decrease of skin infections. You can apply calendula cream, oil, or spot treatment to your whole face or use it to target acne-prone areas. You may even wish to try adding it to clay to create a clay face mask treatment and use once to twice per week.

Calendula oil for eczema Calendula oils has been used for centuries to treat eczema and dermatitis. As it calms redness and soothes the skin it also stimulates a healing response so stimulate the skin to repair and heal itself. It can be very calming on the skin especially for itchy and sore excema.

Calendula oil for nappy rash Calendula oil might help soothe nappy rash. A small study in 2012 found that while an aloe vera cream was effective in treating diaper rash, a calendula ointment was significantly more beneficial.

To relieve diaper rash, you can try applying a small amount of calendula oil on its own or mixed with aloe vera on the affected area a few times per day.

Calendula oil for psoriasis Calendula oil’s wound-healing properties might make it a good choice in treating psoriasis. You can try applying calendula oil or balm on the affected area a few times each day.

Calendula oil for better skin Calendula oil can improve the overall appearance of your skin. One study found that a cream containing calendula extract may promote skin hydration and firmness. You can try applying a calendula oil or cream on your skin twice per day.

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